Talc mineral for Food

Talc is suitable for food products. Our talc mineral is inert and passes through the body without being digested. It is thus approved as a carrier for food colorings and as a separating agent in such products as rice, powdered dried foods, cheese, sausage skins or table salt. The hydrophobic talc particles attach themselves to those of the food, protecting them and preventing clumping.

Talc for Olive Oil Production

Virgin olive oil is usually obtained from a mechanical process at temperatures which do not lower the quality of oil. The separation of the solids from the oil and water can be complex as olives produce a lot of foam during the paste preparation. This causes an excess of fine solids to be present that act as a natural emulsifier for the oil droplets in the water. These natural emulsifiers retain some of the oil droplets in the water phase and thus reduce the amount of oil that can be extracted. One extensively used substance that solves this extraction problem is Microtalc FC8. Microtalc FC8 is the talc product from Mondo that has been specially tailored to make the extraction process of the olive oil as efficient as possible. Our Microtalc FC8 talc is also inert, which has a positive effect on the intrinsic properties of the paste and the characteristics of the olive and does not affect the flavor or the color in an adverse way. As such it improves both oil clarity and quality. Moreover, Microtalc FC8 gives a better oil quality with talc.

We are certified according to the quality management standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001and FSSC and our products are also certified to be Halal and Kosher.

Our quality management

Our quality management ensures that our products and services are consistent. We focus on high product and service quality achieved by the constant control of our processes as well as the testing and controlling of our products according to our high standards. With our in-house expertise and the external analyses at certified laboratories we do not only meet our customers’ demands – we even exceed their expectations.



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Halal Certification


Mondo Minerals Halal certification


Our talc for food is certified halal according to the Halal Voeding en Voedsel (HVV).

Inspecta Certification


Mondo Minerals Halal certification


Our talc for food is certified according to Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy.

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