Talc for Pharmaceuticals

Pure, fine talc has no known allergenic, skin or eye-irritating properties. Our pharmaceutical talc is sterilized with a natural approach of a special heat-treatment system. Pharmaceutical talc is free of fibres and has a defined particle size. These are the advantages that make it so valuable in the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

In pharmaceuticals, talc is used primarily as a basis for powders. It is employed as an active agent and auxiliary agent, e.g. as a carrier for pharmaceuticals with a disinfectant, astringent, anti-itching or cooling effect. Talc is also suitable as a lubricant in pill manufacturing. The medical field uses specially fabricated talc for a procedure called (talc) pleurodesis, in which the pleural membrane is bonded to the lung.

Thanks to the most stringent possible quality management, Mondo Minerals guarantees the uncompromising quality of its pharmaceutical talc. This is borne out by our certifications.