Refined: Mining, Beneficiation & Milling

From rock to pure powder, talc undertakes a long journey. It comprises a state-of-the-art production process that requires close attention to geology, technology and safety. This photo gallery will show you the story of our talc.

Holes being drilled for explosives

Explosives sleeve placed in the hole

Post blast, talc rocks being excavated

Talc rocks being loaded on to the tipper truck

Talc rocks being delivered to the warehouse at
the start of the milling process

Chemical composition is analysed to adjust purification parameters.

Talc rocks in the warehouse

Primary grinding in ball mill before flotation process

Impurities are removed in a cascade of flotation cells

Talc concentrate slurry is thickened in settling
tanks before drying.

Talc concentrate being dried by pressure filters. The resulting filter cake is an intermediate product.

Extremely fine talc requires jet milling

Talc is filled in paper bags or big bags ...

... stored for immediate availability ...

... or sent out as bulk material

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