Good Ideas: Research and Development

The potential uses of talc are virtually infinite. The purpose of our research and development is to discover them. In this process, we have two objectives: discovering new areas for applying our existing talc products, and developing new products for existing applications.

Customer Contact

Thanks to our close contact with our customers, we can adapt ourselves to precisely match their requirements. We work closely with many leading brands as well as with smaller, highly specialised enterprises. We test various formulations until we have found the optimum.

And our approach in developing new talc products and refining existing ones is entirely pragmatic as well: the suggestions often come from our customers.


In our excellently equipped laboratories, we can perform exhaustive testing and precisely reproduce numerous customer production and application processes. We also work closely with universities and external research institutions.

As soon as we achieve good results, we develop a prototype that we test together with interested customers, and adapt it further to their needs where necessary. At Mondo Minerals, this cooperation takes place at the highest level: our technical managers maintain close contact with customers who wish to participate in development. We do not define the final formula until the customer is entirely satisfied.

This extensive up-front effort significantly reduces customers’ own development and modification costs and enables them to go into production much sooner than would otherwise be possible.

Our Innovations – Just a Few Examples

  • Highly Delaminated Talc
    A specially developed proprietary process enables us to preserve the high aspect ratio of individual talc platelets when separating them from their stack. Instead of crushing the laminae into smaller lamellae by applying a force vertical to the stack, we disassociate the talc platelets by subjecting them to a high hydraulic pressure gradient in the direction of the cleavage plane in a nozzle. The high aspect ratio offers benefits in tyres (reduced gas permeability), pearlescent pigments (improved lustre), and polypropylene compounds (increased E-modulus), to name a few applications.
  • Electromagnetic Purification
    Mondo Minerals is the world’s first talc producer to remove soluble magnetic impurities using liquid helium-cooled, superconducting electromagnets. All Finntalc-SL products are treated in this way.
  • Barrier Coatings
    We are also currently conducting intensive research in the area of barrier coatings for paper board food packaging.
  • Coating Talc for Improving the Printability of Rotogravure Papers
  • Laminar, Calcium Oxide-free, Low Screen Residue Talcs for Thin-walled Ceramic Catalytic Converter Supports
  • Low Abrasion Talc for Polypropylene Pipe Extrusion
  • Flotated, Colour-consistent Talcs for Paint Tinting Systems
  • Double-classified Talcs for Low VOC Coatings
  • Industrial-scale Talc Sterilisation for Biocide-free Water-based Paints

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