Talc Products - Custom-tailored

We offer three distinct product lines – Finntalc, Microtalc and Plustalc. Each one comprises a range of talc types. Whatever your application, we will find the product that is just right for you.



Finntalc is one of the most tightly defined talc product lines worldwide, with the highest consistency and reproducibility.



You may have eaten it today. Microtalc grades offer the highest chemical purity and talc content.



Plustalc is very white and macrocrystalline. The choice for brightness and mechanical reinforcement.

Talcum - Raw Material

The term “talc” covers a broad range of natural products.

Talc grades on the market often contain magnesite (magnesium carbonate), dolomite, calcite, quartz or chlorite. The properties of these minerals vary. However, they are all more abrasive and less efficient than talc proper. In some types of marketed talc, these minerals make up almost 100%.

Don’t let a cheap "talc", so-called, spoil your sophisticated formulation – rely on a professional brand!

Particle Size Distribution

The performance of a talcum depends on its particle shape (aspect ratio) and particle size distribution. Our product portfolio offers a wide range of milling characteristics, including a narrow particle spectrum (double air classified), bi-modal PSD curves, and nano talc prototypes.

Delivery Solutions

Our concept covers sales, packing and logistics - from online orders to silo financing. Talc can be supplied in the following forms:

  • Slurry
  • Dry bulk
  • Granulated bulk
  • Dry powder (paper bags)
  • Wet granulate (big bags)
  • Dry compacted granulate

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