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We consider civil engagement on the part of businesses to be an excellent strategy. By acting responsibly even beyond the boundaries of our business, we want to work for the active benefit of the region in which we operate and promote social and ecological issues.

The environment is very important to us. In talc, we offer an extremely environmentally friendly product. To extract it, we must initially impact the landscape significantly. However, we do everything to achieve complete recultivation and even strive to upgrade the ecosystem compared to its previous conditon.

Social Commitment

We strive to meet our social commitment both abroad and in our home region. Mondo Minerals sponsors causes with an international scope such as leukaemia and lymphoma research. An example for this was our sponsorship of the 555 Cycle Challenge, a fundraiser over five European nations. At home, we have decided to launch a health and fitness programme that promotes a Finnish national sport.

Finnish Baseball

Around one hundred years ago, the Finn Lauri Pihkala learned to play baseball in the US. He was fascinated by its clarity and quickness. But there were a few things he did not like: the large playing field and the difficult horizontal pitch; also the tempo was too slow for him. He altered the playing field and the rules and invented Pesäpallo, also known as Finnish baseball. This sport is faster and more eventful than baseball. Today, many consider it the Finnish national sport. In this way, it is like our product, talc: gaining more and more fans throughout the world.

With our commitment to this sport, we want to promote the characteristics and traditions of our region and encourage more and more people - including our employees - to actively take up sports.

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