Our Most Valuable Capital: Our Employees

Diversity and Motivation

Mondo Minerals consists of an international team of highly qualified and dedicated colleagues.

We come from a broad range of disciplines: geology, chemistry, engineering, business administration and many more.

Visitors always remark on the conspicuously high motivation and identification of our employees. We can confirm that this impression is accurate.


Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual respect, openness, honesty and, above all, equality with respect to gender, origin and religion. This is especially important for us as a global enterprise with an international staff.


The personal development and career planning of all our colleagues, with their individual goals and talents, means a lot to us. Career planning comprises the setting of objectives, continuing education and training, coaching and a mentor programme. Annual HR review interviews complete this spectrum. Our Human Resources department supports supervisors and mentors, issues guidelines for programmes and oversees their implementation.


Our occupational health and safety management system protects and promotes employee health.


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