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Talc in Pulp and Paper

Mondo Minerals is a leading talc supplier for the pulp and paper industry. We are constantly researching new applications and refinements. Talc offers a whole range of benefits for this application.


We offer a variety of products for the following applications.

Coating - Paper and Board

  • Finntalc C10
  • Finntalc C15

Pitch control - Pulp, Paper and Board

  • Finntalc P05
  • Finntalc P10
  • Finntalc P15

Filler - Paper and Board

  • Finntalc F03
  • Finntalc F08
  • Finntalc F15
  • Finntalc F40

Special Applications

  • Finntalc C15 barrier
  • Microtalc DCX

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For technical questions, please contact our paper specialists.

General inquiries may be directed to paper(at)mondominerals.com or by phone +358 (0)10 56 211.