Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Our Goal

Our aim is to become the leading global supplier of talc based solutions for technology driven industries.

Our Core Competence

Our core competence is to retrieve the maximum technical performance of talc, and turn this natural resource into an industrial grade with tight specifications. We are applying unique proprietary processing methods to maximize the added value of talc. Also, we have developed a deep knowledge of our end user industries, and have created a range of products tailored to the specific requirements of diverse end applications.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Performance, Trust, Professionalism and Change

We exist to provide added value to talc customers world wide through high quality products, innovative application and processing technology together with secure raw material supply.

By 2019 we will be the talc market leader with global presence based on our dedicated people, our know-how, our customer orientation, our cost leadership and our competitiveness.

Our values are performance, trust, professionalism and change.


Our Business Model

We operate a business model which covers the full value chain from mine to market. Maximum performance and quality of talc can only be achieved with full control of all steps in the chain, from geological research and exploration to purification, definition of particle size distribution and choice of optimum delivery form.