Facts: Who We Are - An Overview


In the 1960s, researchers in the Finnish paper industry discovered that adding pure talc to paper as a filler significantly improved its properties. The talc ore found in Finland is a mixture of magnesite and talc, so that a separating process (talc flotation) had to first be developed. The company Suomen Talkki Oy was founded in 1967 to commercialize this invention. In the years that followed, the company grew rapidly, acquired other talc producers and opened up further application areas.


Today, we own talc mines in central Finland (Sotkamo, Vuonos) and operate highly efficient factories in Finland (Sotkamo, Vuonos) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Katwijk). We produce the brands Finntalc, Plustalc, Microtalc and MONDANA. These four product lines comprise highly specialised, valuable grades for paper, paints and coatings, plastics, cordierite ceramics, consumables, personal care and pharmaceutical products. Our great strength is our comprehensive know-how. Customers can count on our expertise in all areas – mining, purification, processing, logistics and application.

Global Presence

Our enterprise is managed from our Group Head Office in Amsterdam, with further administrative capacity in Sotkamo (Finland). In 2011 Mondo Minerals became a portfolio company of Advent International, a large global private-equity investor. Our goal is to offer our products worldwide. Our manufacturing process and quality management make this possible: they guarantee consistent, uniform quality, at all times and in all places. We have installed a global network of distributors and currently sell to over 70 countries. In October 2018, Elementis, a global specialty chemicals company, has successfully closed the acquisition of Mondo Minerals from Advent International. Bringing together Elementis and Mondo, both focused on providing premium performance specialties, means you will have greater access to innovative solutions that provide enhanced performance to your products.