Growth and Innovation: Our Origin

The history of Mondo Minerals is a history of growth and innovation. One important reason: necessity is the mother of invention. The talc ore found in Finland is a mixture of magnesite and talc, so that a separating process first had to be developed – talc flotation. The company Suomen Talkki Oy was founded in 1967 to commercialize this invention.

Important Milestones

2017 New state-of-the-art warehouse with robotics and automation, allowing improved customer service
2017 New milling system added to serve growing industrial segments
2017 Patent for MONDANA Scrub
2015 Several new product enhancements launched in paint segments
2011 Acquisition of Mondo Minerals through Advent International
2010 Introduction of compacted talc for the plastics industry
2010 Launch of heat treated talc for pharmaceuticals
2010 First commercial paint talc slurry production
2009 Launch of talc products optimized for chewing gum production
2008 Development of high surface area talc for olive oil separation
2008 Patents for highly delaminated talc and for talc use in beverage filtration
2007 Hg Capital acquires Mondo Minerals; Norwegian Talc AS remains part of the Omya Group
2006 Introduction of double classified product for high solid coatings
2004 Development of superconducting electromagnetic separation process for talc purification
2003 Introduction of sterile bulk product for anti-allergenic paints
2002 Plustalc product range introduced for paints and plastics
2001 Ownership of Mondo Minerals transferred to Omya AG
2000 Development of food packaging coating talc for paper and board
1998 Start of the use of talc in cordierite ceramic honeycomb structures
1982 Development of rotogravure paper coating talc
1979/80 De-dusted talc products for unsaturated polyester putties developed
1973 Paint talc production started
1970/71 Production of pitch control talc for the Finnish paper industry gets underway
1969 Production begins at Sotkamo site with a capacity of 70,000 tons p.a. First deliveries of SC paper filler talc
1956 Geological research begins