Quality Management

No Compromises: Quality Management

Quality Management

Our certifications testify to the very meticulous nature of our quality assurance measures. Constant product testing and process optimisation are standard operating procedure. This is ensured by our own and external, private and academically supervised laboratories. We conduct a long series of laboratory experiments before starting pilot projects and factory trials.


Mondo Minerals products complies with applicable regulations. We meet or exceed the applicable standards for e.g. fibres, heavy metals, bioburden and foreign bodies. We supply only top-quality products – so ensuring consistency and quality is a major part of our corporate culture. Mature production technology refines raw material with naturally varying characteristics to produce an industrial product with strictly monitored properties.


Purity is the key. Mondo Minerals has more than 40 years experience in purifying talc using a flotation process. In this self-developed process, talc is separated from other rock and impurities using water and air bubbles; the talc particles attach themselves to the air bubbles and float to the surface where they are skimmed with the foam. Mondo Minerals is also the world’s first talc producer to remove magnetic impurities using liquid helium-cooled, superconducting electromagnets. Our pharmaceutical talc is sterilised with a natural approach of a special heat-treatment system. Our certificates affirm that this trust is well deserved.

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