Finntalc grades are purified in a cascade of multiple flotation cells. This process results in a tight definition of the talc composition, making this natural product similar to a synthetic chemical. In combination with a precisely controlled particle size distribution, this ensures exact reproducibility in formulations. This is an essential requirement for high-tech applications such as tinting robots or automotive catalytic converters.

Where reproducibility is the limiting factor, Finntalc is the answer.

Finntalc is suitable for the following Applications

Paper Products

  • Finntalc C10
  • Finntalc C15
  • Finntalc P05
  • Finntalc P10
  • Finntalc P15
  • Finntalc F03
  • Finntalc F08
  • Finntalc F15
  • Finntalc F40
  • Finntalc C15 barrier

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