Plustalc grades are displaying the highest levels of whiteness, are macrocrystalline and exhibit low loss on ignition. Their low iron content makes them ideal for plastics, especially in household appliances such as washing machines.

Special double classified "D" grades are available for high solid coating products with low volatile organic compound (VOC) content.

Plustalc is suitable for the following Applications

New Low Oil Absorption Plustalc Grades

Mondo Minerals has developed two new talc grades for paint, industrial coatings and unsaturated polyester putty applications:

  • Plustalc D30E
  • Plustalc H50

These grades are all targeted at high solid systems with low viscosity impact. All the grades are based on pure, platy and high whiteness Asian talc raw material. The features, target applications and benefits of these grades are listed in the table below.

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Talc products are developed individually to your special requirements and for special applications. Please contact our sales team.