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Bring Nature and Personal Care Together

In the Cosmetics and Personal care sector, high purity talc is important as a base material. 

MONDANA® is a natural and ultra-fine talc which improves the texture of your cosmetics products. It is inert and soft to the touch, and valued as key ingredient in many beauty concepts. It is odorless and the perfect protector for all skin types. 

Thanks to its high purity, Mondo Minerals talc is suitable for:

  • Powders
  • Foundations
  • Beauty creams
  • Creamy soaps
  • Blushers and rouge
  • Lipsticks
  • Eyeliners, eye pencils and eye shadows
  • Facial masks
  • Scrubs

The MONDANA® range is produced at our headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Mondo Minerals’ stringent quality management system guarantees that MONDANA® for cosmetics and personal care products are always of the highest quality.


MONDANA® SCRUB is just one of our products from a wide range. MONDANA® SCRUB is a natural, multifunctional exfoliant suitable for Personal Care products. It is created from hydrophobic talc, the softest mineral on earth. Due to our special patented process which has been applied we obtain a smooth surface, optimized for gentle skin care. Unlike many other exfoliation products, MONDANA® SCRUB does not cause unwanted abrasions on the surface of the skin which accelerate aging. 

It has a resistance to the growth of microorganisms, which reduces the preservative system and makes it suitable for "Preservative free" products. It does not absorb the water from the skin. Our MONDANA® SCRUB has a very good ability to absorb oils which makes is highly applicable for oily skin types. Yet at the same time can reduce excess sebum and balance the natural lipid barrier.

Please ask our team for more information regarding different scrub formulations which we can share with you.


Our certificates as well as further information regarding our quality management you find on this page.


  • Mondana 08HT
  • Mondana 15HT
  • Mondana 35HT
  • Mondana 50HT
  • Mondana Scrub 250
  • Mondana Scrub 500
  • Mondana Scrub 710

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