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Highest Purity for Natural Taste

Talc performs a number of functions in food products. Our talc mineral in food is inert and passes through the body without being digested. It is approved as a carrier for the food industry and serves as an excellent process aid as anti-caking. 

Microtalc FC grades are all produced in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Upon request the food grades can be heat treated.

Please reach out to our sales team who can advise you which talc grade is appropriate for your specific product. 

Gum Base

Microtalc FC grades are pure talc grades which are a highly effective fillers in fruity flavoured chewing gums.  

Talc’s natural inertness and ability to keep a long lasting flavor makes it an excellent base for chewing gum. Due to its low alkalinity content it's perfectly suitable for fruity flavoured chewing gums. Talc is used during the manufacturing as an process aid to prevent the stickiness.

The different particle size distribution creates different sensation during chewing. Due to the steap control particle size distribution, our Microtalc FC grades are the perfect solutions for different formulations.

For more detailed information please contact our Life Science Mondo Minerals Team. 

Olive Oil Extraction

Talc is a valuable processing aid during the process of olive oil. Due to its unique properties it acts as a natural emulsifier for the oil droplets in the water and thus increases the amount of oil that can be extracted. 

Microtalc FC8 has been tailored to increase the efficiency of the extraction process of olive oil, especially of fruits with unfavourable water content. 
Due to its oleophilic properties, its platy particle shape and resulting high surface area, it is an economic and environmentally friendly process aid to make the highest quality olive oil.
The amount of oil that may be extracted can be increased by typically 50% by adding just a small dosage of Microtalc FC8.
It not only increases the yield, yet improves the quality by reducing the percentage of the free fatty acid content in oil. Microtalc FC8 fulfils the quality requirements set for highest olive oil quality class: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olive oil quality ranking is set by the European Commission in the Regulation of (CE) No 1989/2003.

Our specialized technicians are happy to provide you with more information. 


Our food certificates as well as further information regarding our quality management you find on this page.

Halal Certification 

Our talc for food is certified halal according to the Halal Voeding en Voedsel (HVV).

Inspecta Certification 

Our talc for food is certified according to Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy.


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