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Talc in industrial coatings has many benefits, which include corrosion protection, solvent reduction and adhesion.

Solvent Reduction

Industrial coatings must meet ever more stringent VOC (volatile organic compound) regulations.

To comply with these regulations, the coatings industry uses binders with low molecular weight and low viscosity, offering coatings with a high solid content. By increasing the solid content and PVC (pigment volume concentration) of coatings, the VOC content can be reduced. The talc content can be increased, thus reducing the formulation cost.

Mondo Minerals offers new talc grades that help paint chemists to develop high solid formulations. These talcs are de-dusted, using a double air classification step (producing talc grades with a narrow particle size spectrum, free from oversize and too fine particles). As they have a low surface area, they need less binder and permit a higher filler loading.

It has been demonstrated that the solid content and PVC in solvent-based protective coatings can be increased without increasing the paint viscosity.
The products are based on pure, macrocrystalline talc ore that provides enhanced barrier and corro-sion protection because of the highly platy and hydrophobic character of talc.

With double classified talcs, the anti-corrosive performance of high solid coatings can be increased in comparison to conventional systems.
Finntalc D30E is exceptionally suitable for use in solvent-based protective coatings and in all paint and coating systems where an increased solid content is desired. Our classic talc grades Finntalc M40 and M50 are low oil absorption talcs as well. They are most suitable for thick layer formulations.

Please consult our technical support for choosing the right grade for your application.


Many paint production processes are highly automated and require consistent raw materials. Especially for base paints for tinting systems, every raw material must have a precisely defined L, a, b – specification or colour window. This is a challenge for natural raw material which often shows a high variation of their colour. Mondo Minerals has solved this problem by developing a unique flotation process which yields a talc of high colour consistency.

Corrosion Protection

The barrier effect of hydrophobic, platy talc reduces the migration of corrosive agents through anti-corrosive primers and topcoats. At the same time, hydrophobic talc increases the adhesion of the coating film to the steel substrate, while the platelets increase the mechanical strength of the film. We have also developed talc with low oil absorption to enable the highest filler loading in high solid coatings.

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