Coating Pigment for Paper and Board

Finntalc coating pigments significantly improve the end use, converting and processing efficiency of paper and board.

Advantages of Talc Solutions for Coating

Printability in Rotogravure

Finntalc coating pigments improve the tactile properties and printability of rotogravure paper. Talc as a soft and platy pigment increases compressibility and maximizes ink transfer, thus reducing missing dots and print mottle and improving the opacity of the printing. The improved ink setting results in a lower smearing tendency.

Runnability and Process Efficiency in Rotogravure

Finntalc lowers the surface friction of the paper. It significantly reduces core bursts and crepe wrinkles at the paper mill and the printing plant, and improves runnability in rotogravure printing. Any waste due to breaks during reel changes is reduced. The soft talc also prevents the blades of roll cutting and finishing machines from wearing out. All these factors improve efficiency, leading to cost savings.

Offset Printing

In matt and silk offset papers, Finntalc products improve delta gloss. This attractively emphasizes the difference between printed and unprinted areas. Finntalc affects the tactile properties of the end product, providing a silky, soft feel. Talc coatings support lower print and varnish mottle. In terms of processing efficiency, Finntalc decreases the abrasion of machine parts: both in paper production and at the printing company.

Optical Brighteners

Talc can serve as a carrier for optical brighteners. They are used in many papers, resulting in a reflection of light with a bluish tinge that suppresses yellow. Talc prevents the optical brightening agents (OBAs) from soaking into the sheet. It remains on the surface for maximum effectiveness.

Barrier Coating

In barrier applications, the platy structured, hydrophobic talc improves the barrier coating’s sealing effect by blocking water vapour transmission. The coating is oxygen, aroma and oil resistant – even liquid resistance is possible. With the use of talc, the product can be made printable, compostable and recyclable. Processing efficiency is increased due to improved runnability, e.g. non-blocking reels. For food-packaging board and paper, the talc may amount to a significant share of the coating dispersion. As regards cost efficiency, this means a lower demand for binder in the formulation.


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Coating - Paper and Board

  • Finntalc C10
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Special Applications

  • Finntalc C15 barrier

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