Solutions- Talc as a Functional Filler

In the paper and board industry, talc is used as a functional filler. Super-calendered SC paper, paper-board and raw stock for coated paper also benefit from talc.

Advantages of Talc as a Functional Filler

Paper Strength

The paper strength potential is increased. This offers cost saving options – either by a higher fresh filler load which replaces fibre, higher web strength with the same filler load or the use of lower cost raw materials.

Printability and Runnability

As part of the composition in printing paper grades, the very platy shape of the soft filler talc leads to a smoother, more compressible and less porous sheet character. It avoids print mottling on uncoated grades and reduces surface friction – resulting in improved printability, runnability and process efficiency. The softness of our talc lowers the abrasion of paper machine fabrics and mechanical elements.

Microtalc for Wet Opacity

When used as a filler in combination with titanium dioxide, specially designed talc grades can extend the highly desirable wet opacity properties of this more expensive mineral. This is the case in a variety of decor base paper grades and in other wood-free specialty grades.


We offer a variety of products for the following applications.

Filler - Paper and Board

Finntalc F03
Finntalc F08
Finntalc F15
Finntalc F40

Special Applications

Microtalc DCX

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