Health & Safety

Top Priority: Health and Safety

Health and Safety is a key priority for us. Strict in-house rules and an official Declaration of Principles impress upon all colleagues the importance of these points every day. Our operations are certified according to

OHSAS 18001:2007 (health & safety management) 

Occupational Health and Safety Management

An occupational health and safety management system ensures systematic compliance with all regulations. All persons involved receive the safety training they require. Lost-time injuries and near-miss incidents are reported and evaluated. This enables us to identify and eliminate risks promptly. Regular inspections by independent, certified institutes also help to ensure that our employees are not exposed to any health hazards due to dust or chemicals, for example, in the ambient air. They receive regular checkups as part of our occupational health care service and our defined health care plan. The occupational health and safety management system also includes audits by internal and external experts. These ensure that the actions are effective and are continuously improved and adapted.

Dust-free Solutions

We offer our customers dust-free delivery solutions such as slurries and wet granulates, and dust reduced forms such as dry granulates.

For more information on the health aspects of talc, please see the website of Eurotalc